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Welcome to the official AAS DIRECT Online Pharmaceutical Store, official and licensed online distributor.

As a small experimental laboratory with assortment that included only 4 drugs. Just in a couple of years the number of drugs tripled and today there are more than 35 drugs, which satisfy requirements of both, beginners and professionals bodybuilders. AAS DIRECT products have already found their devoted followers in almost every continent. AAS DIRECT Pharmaceuticals always follow the latest trends in the world of bodybuilding, whether it takes place in the United States of America or Russia, England or the Republic of South Africa!

AAS DIRECT staff consists of professionals, whose moving the business forward! Every year AAS DIRECT Team attends dozens of international as well as local exhibitions in order to implement the latest and most proficient technologies into AAS DIRECT manufacturing process! Buying any product from AAS DIRECT, you are guaranteed to get the most highly efficient technological product on the market!

In order to provide you with state of the art quality on the market, AAS DIRECT need to follow all the new techniques of raw material quality check, synthesis of substances and final packaging of products. In our laboratories we employ chromatographs of the latest generation, which allowed AAS DIRECT Pharmaceuticals to develop their own base of standard drugs. Every time AAS DIRECT buy raw material, it undergoes proper comparison with the standard and only then it is transferred to manufacturing unit. AAS DIRECT Pharmaceuticals provide you with raw material with the purity of at least 99 %!

AAS DIRECT are professional suppliers specialized in medicine and overall health care! AAS DIRECT can provide everything that you need, with the feasible prices and the best of the best quality you can ever get.