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The Effects of androgen on the Body

Testosterone is a crucial male endocrine. A male begins to provide androgen as early as seven weeks when conception. androgen levels rise throughout pubescence, peak throughout the late teenaged years, so change surface. when age thirty roughly, it’s traditional for a man’s androgen levels to decrease slightly each year.

Endocrine System

The endocrine system of a human. Cartoon vector illustration for a medical atlas or educational textbook. Male and female physiology.

The body’s system consists of glands that manufacture hormones. The neural structure, situated within the brain, tells the hypophysis what proportion androgen the body desires. The hypophysis then sends the message to the testicles.

Reproductive System

About seven weeks when conception, androgen begins serving to kind privates. At puberty, as androgen production surges, the testicles and phallus grow. The testicles turn out a gentle stream of androgen and create a contemporary offer of gamete a day.


During pubescence, rising levels of androgen encourage the expansion of the testicles, penis, and bush. The voice begins to deepen, and muscles and hair grow. in conjunction with these changes comes growing physical attraction.

Central systema nervosum

The body incorporates a system for dominant androgen, causing messages through hormones and chemicals that area unit discharged into the blood. within the brain, the neural structure tells the hypophysis what proportion androgen is required, and therefore the pituitary relays that data to the testicles.

Skin and Hair

As a person transitions from childhood to adulthood, androgen spurs the expansion of hair on the face, within the armpits, and around the genital organ. Hair conjointly might grow on the arms, legs, and chest.

Muscle, Fat, and Bone

Testosterone is one in every of several factors concerned within the development of muscle bulk and strength. androgen will increase neurotransmitters, that encourage tissue growth. It conjointly interacts with nuclear receptors in the polymer, that causes macromolecule synthesis. androgen will increase levels of STH. that produces exercise a lot of doubtless to create muscle.

Circulatory System

Testosterone travels around the body within the blood. the sole thanks to grasping your androgen level, of course, are to own it measured. This sometimes needs a biopsy.

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